Weekly Updates - Wed 8th Apr 2009

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8 Apr 2009 14:14 Vote for Rab

Attention BMC members

As you will have seen from the most recent issue of Summit there will be a rarity at the forthcoming AGM, a contested election for President.

We at The Climbing Works think it is important that you use your vote, either in person or by nominating a proxy to vote on your behalf. The proxy form is in Summit or can be downloaded from We suggest that you nominate Iain Mckenzie as your proxy. Iain is manager of the Tower Climbing Centre in Leicester and Chair of the BMC™s Competition Committee so he shares our interests.

We would like to suggest that you vote for Rab Carrington for President for the following reasons

1. Since we started using a new hold cleaning system we have had to lay Rab off from his part time job as hold cleaner extraordinaire. So he's got nothing to do and we want to keep him busy

2. Rab is not only a regular visitor to The Climbing Works he is also one of those rare things, a true all round climber. Despite the fact he has a beard and does indeed wear socks in his rock boots he is not a bumbly mountaineer. He climbed his first route 8a at the age of 59 and regularly climbs all over the world. He is forward thinking and supports indoor climbing and competitions.

Vote for Rab


8 Apr 2009 14:01 Stump Cream Back in Stock!!

Those of you who use anti-hydral cream will be glad to know that we have it back in stock. And because we have now a new supppier that is cheaper we have passed on the cost saving to you. So stump cream is now only £12 instead of £15.


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