New problems this week.

6 Apr 2009 09:12

Rather like painting the Forth Road Bridge, the job of routesetting at The Works is one that is never finished. This weeks list of jobs includes setting a new Blue circuit to replace the rather inconsistant BUSA problems - Sam will be doing this Thursday and Friday this week. The new circuit will be nice and easy - the level being around Font 3 to 5.

At the other end of the difficulty spectrum I will be resetting the Red circuit this Thursday. This circuit will not be nice and easy, but will almost certainly be the living end seeing as I will be setting it with Leah Crane - well known for her strength and flexibility, (and infamous for her hold matching skills!) The level for the new red circuit will be 6c to 7b.

Finally, next Monday Sam and I will be resetting the competition wall and restoring the balance of easy and hard problems on there. The result of having 2 major competitions on this part of the wall in March has meant that there are very few 'easy' problems on there at the moment, so we will be aiming to restore the balance a little with a nice new set of things to try.

So there we have it - our next week laid out for all to see. 115 new problems set in a week. We are often imitated, but never equalled for our commitment to keeping things fresh!