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29 Apr 2009 12:02 It's All About Hydration

One of the key things for performance sports, whether that's bouldering or cycling, is making sure you're hydrated. This is pretty common knowledge of course but that doesn't stop most climbers being rubbish at actually doing it.


We've just started stocking Nuun hydration tablets in The Climbing Works and for the next few weeks we're doing a special offer on them to help introduce them to our customers. Buy a tub of Nuun (£5) and get a FREE Climbing Works water bottle with it (worth £2.50).


What is Nuun?

For those who know nothing about Nuun, here's the basic rundown:


- It comes in little tablet form with one tablet turning one 1/2 litre bottle of water into a complex electrolyte drink that recharges your salts. It also tastes refreshing and is more efficiently absorbed than water alone or most sports drinks on the market.

- It doesn't have sugar, carbs or artificial colouring. It does have sodium, potassium, magnesium & calcium.

- The Cheese's have been using it with Percy on his bike, Sam on his intense training regime for the Frankenjura and me (Bri) out on the crag on warm sunny days. We all like it and rate it highly. I had it with me on Gogarth on a glorious sunny day and both my partner and I both noticed that we drank our water slower and felt better than we thought we would on such a beautiful day.


You can read all the technical info and more reasons why Nuun works at Nuun's website here but it does work so why not buy some, get a free water bottle and be converted.



27 Apr 2009 12:41 New Yellow Purple Circuit

A new week and a change in the weather. The last few weeks of beautiful sunshine has broken here in Sheffield and today we're back to April showers.


To combat that wet feeling we've got a new yellow purple spotty circuit set by Percy. There's 41 problems all around the Font 6a range. You can see the latest up to date topo on the website.


We've also announced some partial wall closures to happen this Summer in June and August. You can read all about them too on the news section of the website.



24 Apr 2009 13:48 Lots of Comp videos

The IFSC has just set up a Facebook group with lots and lots of photos and videos from international comps.

Have a look here if you are interested - you might even spot some of our reception staff competing

24 Apr 2009 13:39 Yellow Spots

Percy is currently finishing off the new circuit as I write. That gives you 40 new problems around the Font 6a grade range to enjoy over the weekend.

Percy and Graeme working hard cleaning the holds. Ahh the joy of Benky grip wash. Sun baked holds anyone???

Some other news and dates for your diary is a planned closure of part of the walls from 15th - 20th June. The walls closed will be the kids boulders and the room which has the bean bag in it. They're being closed for some wall maintenance and something new for you all to enjoy.

23 Apr 2009 09:53 A Kind of Magic

Percy has spent the morning stripping the walls of all the spotty yellow holds bringing them to the miracle that is Benky Grip Wash. 

Before this 'black magic' arrived, routesetters and their trusted apprentices would don waterproof clothing and powerwash all the holds taking many hours, lots of water and alot of scrubbing. Now, Percy drops them into the vat, leaves them for 5-10mins (checks UKB) and then places them in a different bucket to rinse. Easy.


A hold fresh off the wall


All this means for you is that by tomorrow evening you will have a new 40 problem circuit (c.font 6a) to enjoy over the coming weekend.


22 Apr 2009 11:31 New Problems on the Comp Wall

Percy has set some more new problems on the comp wall to add to the already set 25 last week. We'll update the topo in the next few days to reflect the new additions. He's set some longer ones for those now thinking of peak district limestone and long, continious, hard moves.


Also happening this week is the stripping and setting of a new yellow spotty circuit. This will happen Thursday / Friday with the grade staying the same, around Font 6a.


With the sun still shining in Sheffield (it's been glorious here for the last few days) we thought we'd share with you another video, this time a climbing one. It's from Neil Hart of Maisonbleau Gite, based in Fontainebleau, and it's a great way one for getting psyched to go bouldering. Enjoy.

March dose of Font from neil hart on Vimeo.


20 Apr 2009 13:11 Stuff for a sunny Monday afternoon

Its a beautiful afternoon, and I've just finished setting a couple more problems on the comp wall so now I'm out of here for an hour or two to ride my bike around the Peak. Which reminds me that Bubba at UKBouldering.com posted a great mountain biking film up on the site this morning, which I've cheekily copied onto here to share with you lot. Check out this guys amazing skills - just what you need to occupy your time at work on a sunny Monday!

18 Apr 2009 19:14 Climbing up rocks!

Thats what I've been doing today, and it was great to be out and about on the crag. Now we all know how unforgiving the rock can be on your body and your skin, so to remind you of quite how hard the grit can sometimes be, here's my photo of the day......

Next time some bright spark tells you to slap for a sharp edge, just be careful! Its not my finger in the photo (it belongs to Mike Lea), but if you look closely you can see a small piece of Mike's finger tape stuck on the hold (along with a little of his blood)! Click on the photo if you need a closer inspection of the carnage! Good job The Works sells finger tape - I reckon Mike needs a little bit more to close that split up! Be careful out there.....

15 Apr 2009 12:06 Even more new stuff.

Yep - there's a comp wall full of new problems to try down at The Works. After last months horror-show problems that were left on after the CWIF and the BUCS competitions, normal service has been resumed. There are currently 25 problems from Font 4 to 7c with some more being added next week (particularly to fill the current 7b+ shaped hole on the wall!) Meanwhile our work experience lad, Ian, is experiencing the wonderful glamourous world of climbing wall work as he has landed the dusting duty (poor guy)!


15 Apr 2009 09:58 Berghaus Competition Wall Reset

Fresh from a new blue and purple circuit last week, Percy & Sam got to work on the competition wall on Easter Monday.


The last comp wall was the remains of the CWIF with some added extras and was nicknamed 'Operation Shutdown', and that's exactly what it did. We noticed it wasn't getting as much attention so this reset is a little bit more amenable with 25 problems across the grade range.


If you're feeling a little 'heavy' after Easter and all those chocolate eggs then you've got little excuse not to get climbing. Since the start of April we've set a new 'kid & beginner friendly' purple, a new steady blue, a tricky purple spotty and a new nails red circuit. With the new competition wall reset, that's well over 120 problems. Nearly forgot, the kids boulder has also been reset meaning your little ones have something more to do.


The new circuit topo and comp wall is available on the website here>>



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