Words of wisdom

16 Mar 2009 08:39

Just got back from a weekend in Austria at the IFSC seminar - a useful meeting but not as much fun as the brief liason with snowboarding off-piste through pretty dense trees at Garmisch-Partenkirchen on Friday afternoon! Nice to see Graeme has re-learnt how to crash after two and a half weeks in Canada where he apparently only fell over once.... he made up for that this weekend (and so did I!) (Editorial note: only one of us managed to crash on the cresta run through the trees In Garmisch and it wasn't the one on skis.)

While we we away, Sam and Brian were looking after the British Students climbing championships (BUCS) which were once again held at the Works. You can find the results HERE. Congrats to the local Beasts, particularly Dan Varian who beat his best buddy Ned Fehally for top spot, and also to Sheffield Uni whose team won the team competition. Also many thanks must go to Moon Climbing for providing all the prizes - cheers Ben!

Finally, Tyler Landman is back in Fontainebleau after spending last weekend with us competing in the CWIF where he took 3rd place. He has written a nice blog about how the comp was for him which you can read here.

The result of having two big comps in a week is that now there are two new circuits for everybody to try. The yellow CWIF circuit is already looking pretty hammered, and we now have a new Blue BUCS circuit courtesy of Jamie 'The Monkey' Cassidy and Zippy. Some of the blue circuit problems are on the comp wall which should add a little spice to things! I have also added some more problems to the comp wall so there is plenty of new stuff to go at. Enjoy!