A Blank Canvas

4 Mar 2009 13:20

Today has seen both the comp wall and the yellow circuit stripped all in preparation for Saturday and the C.W.I.F.

Jacky, Percy & Tonde doing some planning...


Sam got to work on the comp wall this morning as Percy was off to the airport to pick up Monsieur Jacky Godoffe & Tonde Katiyo, our international routesetters. After a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, the boys have set off to work on the blank canvas off the comp wall with these special Percy beauties.



We've had a few phonecalls about the CWIF regarding entry etc... so to make it break it down:

- You can simply enter on the day with the cost simply your normal entrance fee,

- For those who think there in with a chance of the semi's you have to have handed in your scorecards by 2pm. 

- For those who are just having a day of fun, you can climb as long as you want. Just hand in your scorecards for the chance to win in the end of day raffle.

- The wall will be open as usual right through the day.


Read the whole times for the day including semi's, finals etc on the website here>>