CWIF preparations....

2 Mar 2009 07:48

Its going to be another busy week down at the Works this week as we get ourselves ready for the CWIF on Saturday. Our regulars will have noticed things like the volumes wall being stripped and repainted, and the mysterious disappearance of a load of our volumes. Don't worry, there will all be back by the end of the week! Jacky Godoffe will be with us from Wednesday this week to help out with the setting for this event along with another French setter from Paris called Tonde Katiyo. Also setting for the CWIF we will have the Monkey (Jamie Cassidy), Andy Long, possibly a Big Pickles (although he's not sure if he will now be fit since a big rock landed on his finger yesterday whilst climbing in Spain! Lets hope he heals quick..!!) and myself. This group of reprobates locked in the Works for 3 days with a load of new bespoke holds and volumes, and you just know that madness will follow. We'll keep you updated as things unfold....!

If you haven't sorted out your team for the CWIF yet, you've got a whole week to get it sorted. If you're not sure if you can be bothered, then be assured that the forecast for next Saturday is rubbish (click the link and look in the RAIN column - I believe that will be a persistant drizzle!),so you'd be much better off trying a new circuit of 30 problems from Font 4 to 7c+ created by some of the best routesetters in the world, checking out some free lectures, film shows and having some free barbequed food.