Weekly Updates - Fri 27th Feb 2009

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27 Feb 2009 13:24 BIG RON ALERT

This is your big chance, everybody! Tonights the night. For one night only, and as part of the SHAFF weekend, the main man of British rock climbing, Ron Fawcett, will be giving a lecture.

So what, I hear you say?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why this is a lecture you shouldn't miss....

Firstly, Big Ron is a legend of climbing and has more fantastic/hillarious/terrifying anecdotes than any other climber you will ever hear

Secondly, Ron hasn't done a lecture in years, and is very rarely coaxed into the world of public speaking, so this is a very rare chance to see and hear the big fella

Thirdly, its BIG RON, for goodness sake. For my money you can keep your Sharma's and your Graham's - this is the real deal. A man who pushed climbing standards for years, has probably done more climbing than the rest of the SHAFF speakers put together, and the most genuine and friendly guy you could ever want to meet. And rumour has it, his hands are even bigger than mine! Forget sitting in front of your telly tonight - get yourself along to The Showroom in Sheffield and witness Ron in action.

27 Feb 2009 08:12 Decreasing the volume

Some of you might have noticed that the "volumes" wall in the Works doesn't currently have any volumes (or any holds) on it at the moment. Don't panic though, the volumes are all away for a refurb in anticipation of the CWIF next weekend, so prepare for new volume madness next week when we reset.

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