New Black Circuit & CWIF update

24 Feb 2009 18:19

Today Percy & I have set a new black circuit of 41 problems around the Font 6a mark. Some are low in the grade and some are 'stiff' for the 6a tick.

With every new circuit we're going to try and give you some video beta for one of the problems through our youtube page. First up is problem 41. As this is first one, no editing or special effects.


Percy setting..and throwing screws at the photograper


Brian testing

The new circuit was set using new holds from Core Climbing who are based in Chesterfield. With the CWIF coming up we asked them to do us something special and the boys have managed it so look out for the 'special' hold on the day.

There is an updated page on the website now with more details on the CWIF. Make sure to read to know about times etc for registration.