A Bit of Time..

20 Feb 2009 14:15

..to get our breath back and have a bit of a 'relax moment'.


The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy in here and coming up at the start of March there's another couple of very busy weeks, with both the CWIF and the BUCS happening on consecutive weekends. This weekend we're going to have a bit of time for ourselves and actually do some of this climbing malarkey.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, the new 45 motherboard is now pretty much set and finished and has been getting some pretty good reviews from the hardcore few

We aim to please everyone here which is why today Sam has headed back to the training board and done some tweaks to the circuits on there. Down has come the salmon 6c circuit and up has gone 2 new circuits, one at 6c'ish and one at around 'tricky 7b'. This won't affect the stand alone up problems while at the same time filling a hole in the circuits. You now have a 6c, 7a+, 7b, 7c, 8a, 8a+ & a 8c to keep the stamina and power endurance climbers smiling.