Weekly Updates - Mon 16th Feb 2009

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16 Feb 2009 16:00 Sheffield Walls Bouldering League

This year saw the first Sheffield Walls Bouldering League with the last round being held at The Climbing Works on Friday 13th Feb.

The overall and male category winner was Roy Moseley who won by a measly 2 points over 4 rounds! Winner of the female was our own Leah Crane (also winner of the Berghaus Bouldering League 2009) while the junior categories were won by Nathan Philips & Natasha Milinkovic

The overall results can be read in pdf format here>>

The winners each receive a year's roaming membership to the four climbing walls (the Foundry, Edge, the Matrix and The Climbing Works) with the 1st senior male / female also receiving £50 cash courtesy of The Clinic. 2nd place also receives a 3 month roaming membership plus £50 cash while 3rd receives a 1 month roaming membership.

All the winners can pick up their prizes from Graeme at The Climbing Works.

Thanks to The Clinic for supporting the first annual Sheffield Walls Bouldering League

16 Feb 2009 14:47 45

Continuing on from last week, today has seen the Beastmaker boys back in to set on the new 45. Not only do we have the 'Ned' in, but also the 'Dan'. What this means is the continution of the setting of the new very steep (45 degrees in fact - just in case you weren't sure what the 45 stood for) wall.


Going on to the wall are some very small holds, for hands and feet, all from Dan's &  Ned's own wall. We will have a book on the go with problems identified and graded so for those who want to test themselves.

On the other side of the 45 Sam & Percy have been extending the campus board rungs with Sam doing a bit of maintenance on the older rungs.


16 Feb 2009 13:38 Bergahus Bouldering League: Overall Results

You can now read the overall results from The Climbing Works Berghaus Bouldering League on our website.


Overall winner was Dawid Skoczylas, aka Polish Dave. Female winner was Leah Crane while the junior categories were won by Nathan Philips & Natasha Milinkovic.


The next competition to be held at The Climbing Works will be the CWIF on the 7th March




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