The C.W.I.F

15 Feb 2009 10:16

In just under 3 weeks time (Saturday 7th March) we will be hosting our annual Climbing Works International Festival, aka the C.W.I.F.


Andy Earl in the Semi's in 2008. Photo Alex Messenger


This will be its 3rd year, with this promising to be the biggest and best yet. You can read the whole format on our website but in summary its a very unique competition that you won't find anywhere else.


Steve McClure competing in 2008. Photo Alex Messenger


Why so unique? Well for starters, you can spend the first part of the day climbing alongside some of the best climbers in the world, testing yourself on the same problems that they are climbing. There's also a team element with a prize of £500 for top team. If you don't think your team is in for a chance to win, simply make it a fun competition with a mini-comp between you and your mates.


Photo Alex Messenger


If you have one of those 'special days' you may even reach the Semi's which will be held on the Berghaus competition wall. If you're not at the relevant world-class level you can instead just kick back and enjoy the free BBQ, free lecture and view some of the best climbers batter themselves in the semi's and grand final.


It will be a fantastic day and we are going all out to make it something special. Read about how the day works and all the different parts to the day on our website. You can also watch the CWIF 08 video below to get a better understanding of how the day unfolds. Put the date in your diary and make sure to come down and have a fantastic day.