Friday Night Comp

13 Feb 2009 20:14

The last round of the Berghaus (& Sheffield Walls) Bouldering League is currently going on as I write this, with around 80 competitors taking on Sam's and Percy's creations. As usual we've got the £50 cash problem on offer (2 in fact, 1 Men & 1 Women's) but far from usual is the fact that the Men's got done in super fast time.


Jordan Buys fresh from Burbage South dispatched the problem 2nd go with a fine display of volume / fridge hugging. As you can see below Percy was only too happy to hand out the £50.


At the moment the Womens £50 is still safe in the office but there's still 90mins left of the comp and with most of the British Women's Bouldering team in the building it may still go...


We'll post the full results of tonights round and the overall results on the website Monday