Weekly Updates - Thu 12th Feb 2009

12 Feb 2009 14:49 Setting

Before setting came the stripping...not that kindof stripping!


This morning Percy & Sam braved the arctic temps in here and stripped the Competition wall of holds and features. The holds went into the Benky Grip Wash while the volumes got a bit of a brush. As the holds dry for tomorrow's setting, Percy is now playing with the volumes for tomorrow nights fun.


Over on the new 45 the overly-excited and immensely psyched Sam started to set with some new wooden holds he's just created. This afternoon he was joined by Nedwin van der Feehally aka Beastmaker co-creator who is supplying some holds from his and Dan's supply.



So what does all this mean for those waiting for the 45? Well, by tonight you will have a number of individual colour-coded problems to entertain you and then next week....another evolution of the board....



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