A Busy Week

9 Feb 2009 13:26

This Friday night sees the final round of the Berghaus Bouldering League at The Climbing Works. This is also the final round of the first annual Sheffield Walls Bouldering League so it will be a big night with big numbers and high quality problems so make sure you come down to compete / watch. What this also means is that the Comp wall will be getting stripped on Wednesday / Thursday so if you've got any projects you better get them finished ASAP!

The other big thing happening this week is the continuation of work on the new 45 and the campus board. For those who have been fretting about the campus board and your legs, don't worry!! It's all getting sorted. This all means that the Campus board will be out of action for a few days but we're hoping to have it all finished by the end of the week. In the end what you will receive is a bigger and better training area - you just have to patient....

New ply and alot of tools means new walls and changes. The Campus board will have some subtle changes done by the end of the week.


Sam & Percy hard at it finishing off the 45.