Busy day.

26 Jan 2009 18:27

Well, its been a busy day at The Works. I have installed the 45 degree board - well the basic structure is in, but it'll be a bit longer before its open. We'll have to wait for new matting, a swanky paint-job, lots of new holds, a bit more woodwork, a safety grid to cover the nearby window, a refurb to the campus board and a load of tidying up. Should be another week or so I reckon.

Whilse I was banging away in DIY corner, channel 4 were in filming a friend of mine who has been chosen to appear on Come Dine with Me (one of Sam's favourite TV programmes!). I hope they will dub some suitable music over my building noise!

When I get a moment tomorrow I'll take some pictures and post them on here so you get a better idea of the new bits of wall we've created. But now I'm off for a lie down....!