You can't put a price on safety!

24 Jan 2009 09:16

OK - here's a short weekend update on what has been a manic week of work. Firstly, you may notice when you come into the Works that we are in the process of fencing off the storage area above our offices with some super heavy-duty railings - to quote our Environmental Health Officer, "You can't put a price on safety!"
He's not wrong!

There is a new Yellow/purple spots circuit that we set yesterday - the grade is Font 4 - 5, and the emphasis is on a wide selection of styles of problems that you have to think about, and that will encourage the use of new techniques. This is the circuit that we use for our improvers coaching as many of the problems introduce the concepts of more 'advanced' climbing techniques (eg: palming, egyptians, heel and toehooking, precise footwork, etc,etc...) What this means in reality is that its a great circuit to help people progress and learn new skills, and its also a brilliant warm-up circuit for the more experienced boulderers. I'm sure the circuit is set to get a right hammering in the next month or two!

Finally, I'll come clean about the worst-kept secret at The Works. On Monday I'll start work building the new 45 degree training board - sponsored and designed by Moon Climbing. The main structure shold be finished within a day or two, and then the boys will take a few days to finish it off - new matting, position the holds, etc, etc. Word is that Ben Moon will be taking a big part in the set-up of the board, and will be setting the problems on here.

I hope that this new addition will fill the obvious last gap we still had in our climbing provision. It certainly should see the training monsters getting even stronger - now there's a scary thought. Watch this space for updates!