Weekly Updates - Mon 19th Jan 2009

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19 Jan 2009 19:50 Fontainebleau wonderland...

After spending a week in the magical forest of Fontainebleau, I remembered some of the early board ( in the Pub ) meetings with Percy and Graeme. Most of our inspiration and ideas were based the boulders of Font and it was great to be back there in almost perfect conditions and feel as psyched as ever for Climbing. Lucinda and I spent a week with some Australian friends of ours in a really nice Gite just nr Buthiers, we climbed six days out of seven and felt completely destroyed by the end. check out my scarpa blog for some more photos and stories.

The Font trip has made me as keen as ever and managed another one of my projects on wednesday. I was out with James and Dave and we were very lucky to find some dry rock at Earl cragin Yorkshire. We quickly warmed up and realised that Underworld 7c+ was dry. James did it 3rd go and despathed it on about my 6th go atfer falling off the last move and feeling robbed!!
Keep up the training and psyche...Cheers Sam

19 Jan 2009 16:49 Round 3 Results

The results of Friday's Berghaus Bouldering League R3 is now available on the website. You can also read Percy's blog from Saturday for the fight for the credit crush £50.


One of the funny things we've noticed is the amount of scorecards handed in is about half the amount of actual people doing the competition. The results have 40 or so names on it (scorecards handed in) while the actual amount competing was around 80. Maybe some people are just shy?


Round 4 will be held on Friday 13th February and it will also be the last round of the Sheffield Walls Bouldering League so expect some quality problems and another cracking night.


Dave Barrans topping out Problem 2, narrowly missing out on the £50 cash prize as Ryan had topped out problem 1 just a few seconds before


All the rest of the circuit walls are now open and have been fully reset, almost 40 problems in total so nearly a new circuit.


Al very happy with his artwork


Finally, have a picture of Poppy (Percy's dog) wearing our new logo'd OR down jackets. She seemed happy enough and so do our staff who wear them the rest of the time


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