Weekly Updates - Sat 17th Jan 2009

17 Jan 2009 15:29 The Credit Crush!

Well, last nights bouldering competition went stormingly well with a very big turn out of climbers taking part. The results should be up on here at the start of next week. There were a lot of very talented boulderers who came to try their luck at winning the cash prize for my now mythical "special" problems. However, due to the credit crunch(?), this month I decided that rather than just climbing one problem, the cash would go to the first climber to complete 2 of my special creations. This is probably more due to the fact that I ended up with two volumes-only problems that were just too good for me to pickone that was worth the cash, so I decided to make the competitors work a bit harder and do both for the prize!
Anyway, vying for the money were the likes of Ryan Pasquil, Dave Barrans, Ned Feehally and Climbing Works own resident mutant, Nacho! In the end it came down to a matter of speed to decide the prize! Dave Barrans fought to the top of problem one, whilst Ryan looked on having already bagged the second problem. As Dave tried to recover from his exertions, Ryan stepped onto to problem 1 and looked like scooping the cash. However, due to a load of egging on from the crowd, Dave suddenly realised that if he jumped onto the second problem and dispatched it before Ryan had finished the technical problem one, the money would be his! The scene as both guys fought their way up the problems simultaneously was amazing - both problems worth at least 7b+ or harder and monsterously physical. In the end Ryan just managed to hit the finish hold of his problem less than 10 seconds before Dave finshed his bloc, so Ryan scooped the cash but it was a fantastic bit of climbing to watch - like a bouldering duel!

Roll on the final competition of the season, which will take place on Friday 13th February - unlucky for some?!?!

The Clinic wall is now nearly ready to the reset - the sign-writing and re-painting has taken a bit of time, but it should all be back in action by Monday evening. The other new bits of wall have been set and are being very well recieved, so come on down and try them out...

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