New Walls

13 Jan 2009 11:53

Yesterday saw Percy get to work on the comp wall slab. Today he's gone to the opposite side of the Works and set to work on the Clinic Wall as well as the flat wall opposite the kids boulder. As it's a bit of a tricky job he got a bit of help in with Britain's Manliest Man Jason Pickles lending a hand. They're currently finsihing it all off and by the looks of it so far they're going to be very popular bits of wall.

Percy & Pickles getting to work on the new part of the clinic wall



Percy getting to grips with the new 'volume'


Percy working on the inside of the wall, you can just about see his foot


All the work should be done by today with a fresh lick of paint coating them. With new walls come new problems so along with a new comp wall for Fridays R3 of the Berghaus Bouldering League, there will also be some fresh circuit problems for you to go at. Not bad for a days work.

Sam sanding down and doing the finishing touches to the new part of the competition wall