Cold Snap!

29 Dec 2008 08:20

Well, contrary to what the British winter is normally like (warm and wet) it looks like we're in for a bit of a cold snap if the boffins at the Met Office are right. As our customers know, The Climbing Works is in a huge building, and we could never effectively heat the entire space without making a serious impact on the hole in the ozone layer. Whilst key areas have heating (changing rooms and changing areas) the rest of the centre is normally nice and cold. For those people thinking of visiting for the first time over the holidays, here is a little advice....
Wear plenty of clothes! If you are just spectating, bring a big coat asnd some spare change to get a hot drink. If you're climbing, wear plenty of thin layers whilst you warm up, and take plenty of time with your warm up. Once you're climbing, you'll be stripping off the layers before you know it as bouldering is one acticivy where cool ambient temperatures are a bonus!