Half days and holidays

24 Dec 2008 12:40

Brian has posted our Christmas opening hours on the website, but has included a cryptic referral to Half Day opening..... As our phone lines have been jammed with confused boulderers this morning who don't understand the concept of the Irish Half day, here's the low down. Today (Christmas Eve) and New Years Eve we will open for half the day. The half of the day that Brian meant starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm! Sorry for the confusion, and I hope thats cleared things up.

All that remains is to wish all Climbing Works customers, staff, friends and family a very Happy Christmas! I hope everybody has a great time - we are open at 10am on the 27th for all of you who might have overdone it on the mince pies, etc. and feel an urge to climb it off... Have a good one!