Curry comedown.

21 Dec 2008 12:38

Well, whilst a large quantity of Climbing Works staff sleep off last nights excesses after our staff curry, I thought I would give everybody a quick update on whats been going on at the wall this week. Sam and I have finally finished our red circuit - its evolved somewhat from Sams original plan of having a new Font 7a circuit, and now we have 38 problems between Font 6c and 7b+. It has already suprised a few of the British team members with the scope of skills required to get around the whole circuit in one go - Sams groove of dispair (or Pooh Corner as it should become known) as been the sight of a number of spectacular struggles by some very capable climbers - you have been warned!
And now the question on everybodies lips, "What is The Climbing Works going to give me for Christmas?"
And the answer is - wait and see! All I will say is that the big cheeses have been mulling over a plan for a new bit of wall, and it looks like it might happen in the new year. More details will be released when we have a more definate action plan, but needless to say, there's never a dull moment at The Works.
Last week Sam, Brian and I made a trip up to Newcastle to visit Andy Earl's new climbing wall, Climb Newcastle, and to drop off their consignment of Benky Grip Wash. Whilst Sam and Brian didn't climb (with pathetic excuses about injuries and rest days(!) ) I did the honourable thing and sampled their problems - or should that be allowed myself to be sandbagged by Andy for a bit. The verdict - a great wall that climbs really well, and should be on everybodies agenda for a visit next time you get rained off in the County. A quality venue for visiting boulderers and a breeding ground for the next generation of super strong Geordie climbers!