Shining A Little Light on the New Red Circuit

17 Dec 2008 10:24

After our spring clean the other week we decided that it was about time that the windows got a bit of a clean too. For those who don't know the Works, that's a big job as we have a lot of windows!


This morning we've got a team of 5 in from South Yorkshire Window Cleaning Service (07968203316) who did an amazing job of getting the dust and dirt off both the inside & outside of the place. We were so impressed with the job getting done that Percy went to the dark side of the comp wall to get at the back windows, it wasn't pretty in there!!

Percy showing that he has a backup job in case things don't work out here


What this means for you is that you get a brighter, cleaner centre to climb in. It should also help you in tackling the new red circuit that Percy & Sam are currently working on. This replaces the old orange one with the grade range being pretty similar - c. Font 7a.

From this lot come the chosen few...


Can you say sloper...


We've also had a new delivery of holds from HRT which include a couple of interesting ones that have gone straight onto the new red circuit.

No, it's not a mould of Graeme's face on Saturday night...close resemblance though