The Lurgy.....

8 Dec 2008 09:28

Its been a while since I last blogged, or did anthing much in fact, but there are reasons for this which I'll come on to in a moment. Last weekend I had to go to Mechelen (a nice little town just outside Brussels in Belgium) to do my bit at the annual IFSC commissions meeting. Whilst eveybody in the UK enjoyed crispy grit weather, I was locked away in a sterile Belgian hotel conference room talking about routesetting at international competitions - whooppee!

Well, anyway, I awoke in my huge posh hotel room on the Sunday morning with a dodgy right eye - it seemed to be a bit infected and stuff, but I put it down to being locked in an air-conditioned environment all day (coupled with possible Duvel poisoning from a night in the bar with Jorg). So my Sunday was a morning of more meetings looking a lot like a red-eyed lab-rat, followed by a late flight home to a cold a frosty Snake Pass on the drive back from the airport.

Monday morning I awoke to darkness - not 'cos it was early, but because my eye had glued itself shut with goo. It was at this point I realised that I probably needed to go and see the doctor because eyes aren't supposed to glue themselves shut overnight, but work got in the way of actually doing this. By the evening I felt really rough, and Tuesday morning finally saw the dawning of realisation that - I WAS ILL! Unbelievable! I never get ill. Never, ever! I have never had even one sick day in all my working life, and the last time I was ill was when I was at school (this is a long time ago)!

Obviously, if you spend you whole life being the jammy sort of person who never gets much more than the odd cough or sniffle every now and again, actually being ill and stuck in bed is a real nightmare. So far I have been stuck in bed for a week - and have been an unbelievably bad patient for most of that time. Poor Lucy has had to cope with a grumpy, feverish Bishton who wants to get on with stuff but basically can't move, eat or do anything much except be a grump! I put this down to inexperience on my part - I just haven't had enough practise of this sort of thing. And I definately don't want any more.

So, things I learnt last week - planes are the finest way to travel (providing you like being trapped in small spaces and enjoy breathing loads of other passengers flu germs), Tonsilitis is no fun when you're a child (but its even less fun when you're an adult), it is possible to feel cold (even when your temperature is 103 degrees F), and I've never been so happy to start to feel better again in all my life.

So, hopefully at some point in the next few days I should get back to work. I'm not sure the half a stone of weight I have lost will mean that my climbing will benefit, seeing as I currently feel as weak as a kitten!

On a slightly more up-beat note, I did a little work in recruiting some members for the Climbing Works team for the 2009 CWIF event. If you remember, last years Team WAD were recruited from the Dutch bouldering team, but this year I have slightly upped the ante by pulling together what I like to think of as a 'dream team' of Katja Vidmar, Anna Stohr, Killian Fischuber and Jorg Verhoven. Whilst this team is not yet confirmed, now the CWIF is on the international competition calendar, there should be a bit more interest in foreign climbers coming over for a peice of the action. More details on the CWIF 2009 event is on our website here.