Smelly Climbing Shoes

1 Dec 2008 16:54

Everyone has them, it's just part of the sport. Sweaty smelly climbing shoes. The bane of your non-climbing partner, mother, housemate as they stink out the house. Leave them in your car on a sunny day and you'll not have too many people asking you for a lift.

We have the issue of smelly climbing shoes that we hire out. Fabreeze only goes so far. Looking into a solution we found Klenz shoe sanitiser. Basically it cleans / sanitise's / zaps your shoes with nano silver ions and ozone (no we don't understand it either) that kills the bacteria in your shoe that causes the smell. 

We've had a machine in for a few weeks and for most of the cheeses and staff we've noticed a fair difference in the effect on your shoes. Personally i've used it on all my shoes and have noticed a huge difference especially in an old pair of 5.10's. 2 cycles and a bit of fabreeze (for cosmetic purposes) and you're good to go.

So why am I telling you all this? Because we're opening it to you, our members. Usually this service costs about £2 for a clean but we like to give something back so it's FREE for Climbing Works members. 

Just ask a member of staff for details, give them your smelly shoes, wait 7mins and bob's your uncle.