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30 Dec 2008 16:27 New Years Eve

So how was your 2008? For us it was pretty damn good. The Works has gone from strength to strength, we've built some new walls, set alot of circuits and held successful competitions like the C.W.I.F.


What will 2009 bring?? For starters...alot more circuits, competitions (including the C.W.I.F 2009), schizzle, good times and some interesting things that are currently being thrown into a big cauldron to see what comes out after a little brewing.


As for the last day of the year, our Irish half day is being extended so instead of being 10am - 4pm, we'll now close at 6pm. Our final gift to you this year.


Happy New Year!!!


29 Dec 2008 12:58 The Climbing Works Gallery and Gritstone Action...

Hope you all had a great xmas, I know I certainly did, I ate my own body weight in food and enjoyed some quality time with mine and Lucinda's family.


You may have seen recently that we have just replaced some of the artwork in The Climbing Works Gallery (on the wall in front of the Scarpa slab). We have chosen some inspirational images from all over the the world to keep you psyched...

The weather has been pretty good over the last few weeks and I have been getting out on the grit, despatching some routes and boulder problems around the peak district. Check out my Scarpa blog for more details and pictures.



Hope you all enjoy some time off leading up to the new year and all the best for 2009.


Cheers, Sam


29 Dec 2008 08:20 Cold Snap!

Well, contrary to what the British winter is normally like (warm and wet) it looks like we're in for a bit of a cold snap if the boffins at the Met Office are right. As our customers know, The Climbing Works is in a huge building, and we could never effectively heat the entire space without making a serious impact on the hole in the ozone layer. Whilst key areas have heating (changing rooms and changing areas) the rest of the centre is normally nice and cold. For those people thinking of visiting for the first time over the holidays, here is a little advice....
Wear plenty of clothes! If you are just spectating, bring a big coat asnd some spare change to get a hot drink. If you're climbing, wear plenty of thin layers whilst you warm up, and take plenty of time with your warm up. Once you're climbing, you'll be stripping off the layers before you know it as bouldering is one acticivy where cool ambient temperatures are a bonus!

24 Dec 2008 12:40 Half days and holidays

Brian has posted our Christmas opening hours on the website, but has included a cryptic referral to Half Day opening..... As our phone lines have been jammed with confused boulderers this morning who don't understand the concept of the Irish Half day, here's the low down. Today (Christmas Eve) and New Years Eve we will open for half the day. The half of the day that Brian meant starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm! Sorry for the confusion, and I hope thats cleared things up.

All that remains is to wish all Climbing Works customers, staff, friends and family a very Happy Christmas! I hope everybody has a great time - we are open at 10am on the 27th for all of you who might have overdone it on the mince pies, etc. and feel an urge to climb it off... Have a good one!

21 Dec 2008 12:38 Curry comedown.

Well, whilst a large quantity of Climbing Works staff sleep off last nights excesses after our staff curry, I thought I would give everybody a quick update on whats been going on at the wall this week. Sam and I have finally finished our red circuit - its evolved somewhat from Sams original plan of having a new Font 7a circuit, and now we have 38 problems between Font 6c and 7b+. It has already suprised a few of the British team members with the scope of skills required to get around the whole circuit in one go - Sams groove of dispair (or Pooh Corner as it should become known) as been the sight of a number of spectacular struggles by some very capable climbers - you have been warned!
And now the question on everybodies lips, "What is The Climbing Works going to give me for Christmas?"
And the answer is - wait and see! All I will say is that the big cheeses have been mulling over a plan for a new bit of wall, and it looks like it might happen in the new year. More details will be released when we have a more definate action plan, but needless to say, there's never a dull moment at The Works.
Last week Sam, Brian and I made a trip up to Newcastle to visit Andy Earl's new climbing wall, Climb Newcastle, and to drop off their consignment of Benky Grip Wash. Whilst Sam and Brian didn't climb (with pathetic excuses about injuries and rest days(!) ) I did the honourable thing and sampled their problems - or should that be allowed myself to be sandbagged by Andy for a bit. The verdict - a great wall that climbs really well, and should be on everybodies agenda for a visit next time you get rained off in the County. A quality venue for visiting boulderers and a breeding ground for the next generation of super strong Geordie climbers!

17 Dec 2008 10:24 Shining A Little Light on the New Red Circuit

After our spring clean the other week we decided that it was about time that the windows got a bit of a clean too. For those who don't know the Works, that's a big job as we have a lot of windows!


This morning we've got a team of 5 in from South Yorkshire Window Cleaning Service (07968203316) who did an amazing job of getting the dust and dirt off both the inside & outside of the place. We were so impressed with the job getting done that Percy went to the dark side of the comp wall to get at the back windows, it wasn't pretty in there!!

Percy showing that he has a backup job in case things don't work out here


What this means for you is that you get a brighter, cleaner centre to climb in. It should also help you in tackling the new red circuit that Percy & Sam are currently working on. This replaces the old orange one with the grade range being pretty similar - c. Font 7a.

From this lot come the chosen few...


Can you say sloper...


We've also had a new delivery of holds from HRT which include a couple of interesting ones that have gone straight onto the new red circuit.

No, it's not a mould of Graeme's face on Saturday night...close resemblance though


16 Dec 2008 14:06 New Red Circuit Going Up

The orange circuit has now been striped and cleaned but in its place will be the return of the red holds. Sam has stuck a few up this afternoon with Percy joining him tomorrow morning to hopefully have 40 problems done by tomorrow afternoon. Circuit range to be in and around the 7a mark.

15 Dec 2008 15:12 A Long Weekend

You don't have many weekends like that...thankfully.

Friday night saw R2 of the Berghaus Bouldering League with another big attendence. After R1's unsent bonus problem, the cash prize was up to £150 with Dave Barrans coming over from Manchester especially to do battle.

Saturday night saw The Works 2nd Birthday party take place in Sheffield city centre and it was a rather good night. Thanks to all for coming down and enjoying the late/early morning finish.

12 Dec 2008 12:16 Special Offer on Stappal Tape Tonight Only!!

So the special offer is 25% OFF Strappal tape and it's only for tonight. Why only tonight? Well once you see some of the creations of Sam & Percy  you'll be running to the shop to get some tape. The word is 'Jam'. This word is going to be used on about 3 or 4 problems so make sure you pop into the shop to get your tape as you pick up your scorecard.


Competition starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm




11 Dec 2008 11:27 Stripping

So with the comp wall now stripped, Sam & Percy have set to work on tomorrow's creation for R2 of the Bergahus Bouldering League.


As the 1st round had no 'winner' of the bonus problem, it's now up to £150 for the second round. 1st person to complete wins the cash prize.


The comp starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Scorecards are £2 + your normal entry fee. Sam & Harry will be warming up on the decks for our second birthday party so it'll be a great atmosophere in here.

The comp wall holds cleaned 30mins after coming off the wall all thanks to Benky Grip Wash

A nice picture from yesterday...well, it is


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