Trumpet Blowing

27 Nov 2008 10:44

We're not averse in saying that The Works is a pretty good venue for bouldering. The 10,000 sq ft of floor space, the 1000 sq m of climbing surface, over 400 set problems at any one time and amazing staff all makes The Climbing Works a pretty good place to boulder and get stronger.


It's alway nice when someone outside our office says that The Climbing Works is an excellent venue to get strong at, it's even better when its Power Endurance he talks about and it's bloody fantastic when that person is the strongest sport climber in the UK, Mr Steve McClure.


Steve has written a blog on his Petzl page giving the training board at The Works a rather nice 'big up' stating that:

"The circuit board at The Works is probably the best place I have ever trained for power endurance. The climbing style is perfect for routes, particularly in the British style with the holds being very fingery and the movement continuous"


Read more of this blog and other interesting writings at Steve's Petzl page>>


Steve earns himself a free cup of coffee the next time he's in : )