Did I say nobody?

26 Nov 2008 17:33

No, I didn't, I don't think. What I did say was while I didn't think completing the yellow circuit in a session was impossible, it would be a pretty well rounded and capable climber who could manage it. Sure enough, Alex Honnold was more than man enough for the challenge, and Brian did style him with a curry for his efforts. It was good to note that even a man of Alex's skills didn't find the circuit an easy ride - the finger jamming holds were a mean test, and the skips nearly stumped him but in the end he did the deed. Nice one!
Most of the Works staff made the most of a cracking grit day yesterday, with a number of informal 'staff meetings' taking place amongst the boulders at Stanage. Brian's campaign to fall off the last move of every problem in the Peak is going well, with the poor lad managing to fall of the end of the Green Traverse twice before his skin give up on him! Next time....!
New blue circuit is being set tomorrow - the grade will be around the same level as before.