Nobody Does The 40...??

24 Nov 2008 12:54

Last week Percy set the new Yellow circuit, 40 problems in the 7a-7c range, which has already been hugely popular.

A wet Sunday brought the hordes inside including Team America who have been doing a bit on the grit recently. Kevin and Matt kinda chilled and did some of the yellow's, basically pottering about saving a bit of energy for another day out today (Monday). 

Alex - with new Team America members Brett, Cooper & Robert- got psyched on the yellows and got to number 20 quickly before getting shutdown. Percy's chants of 'nobody does the 40 in a session' and a bet of a free curry if he did them all got him back in the groove and with 37 out of 40 done he chilled, recovered and got psyched to finish off the final 3. The final skip problem proved very stubborn and with a quick change of beta it was done (sorry Percy).

Alex then warmed down by doing the 7b+ green & spotty mountain circuit (c.180 moves). A curry well won and deserved.

Alex the monk, at home in his natural environment - scarry grit solos