Filthy Friday

21 Nov 2008 15:59

Well, its Friday at last and the weekend is lining up to be another typically cold and wet affair. Luckily for Climbing Works customers, I have finished the new yellow circuit (graded font 7a to 7c), and also added some more new problems to the comp wall (just in case anybody has done them all, although I don't think this is yet the case). The new yellow circuit is a pretty brutal affair - I have tried to keep the difficulty as consistant as I can, and varied the styles of the problems so that everybody who is operating at around the Font 7a level should find some new projects that suit to keep you occupied for the next few weeks! I don't think that its impossible to climb all 40 problems as a circuit in one session, but its a pretty impressive effort if any mutants out there fancy their chances. In order to pull it off you'll have to be a very good climber in all styles - from basic pulling and thuggery, to technical slabs, mantles, balancey aretes, excruciating stemming, thumb spragging, heel hooking and even a spot of jamming if you're that way inclined.....

Over all, its been a good week - The Climbing Works has been testing a new method of cleaning climbing holds that will certainly revolutionise the way climbing centres deal with their chalky holds. We will publish more details of this on our website in a few weeks, but needless to say (and speaking as somebody who has been a routesetter for nearly 15 years and has cleaned more grubby grips than most) I'm well pleased that at last there's an end to the mindless jet-washing of holds that takes up so much of our valuable routesetting time!

Next week we'll be resetting the blue circuit, so if you have unfinished business on this set of problems, get down this weekend and get'em done.