The Morning After The Night Before

15 Nov 2008 09:52

Round 1 of the Berghaus Bouldering League went incredibly well last night with well over 60 competitors sharing blows with the competition wall and a few brave souls doing battle with Percy's special problem (£100 for first ascent) which beat off all comer's leaving most bloody and badly bruised so next round expect a £200 prize.

A great turnout along with a great range of problems and a dj set by Sam & Harry nine toes meant an amazing atmosphere and generally a good vibe throughout the night.

The scores are currently being added up and sorted so we'll have the full results on Monday on the website, in the meantime you get a few photos to look at.

Dave Barrans getting to grips with Percy's special problem

A fantastic turnout meant a busy night at Round 1

Matt the midget getting psyched for the comp

Matt getting shutdown

Leah does business with the frankly scary volumes problem