Board meeting affected by rain....!

16 Oct 2008 16:23

As always, Sam and I decided to continue todays board meeting in a slightly more stimulating environment to our office, so we headed off to Stanage to meet up with Big Pickles and a crew of American climbers over for a 6 week trip sampling the delights of the grit. As ever, none of these visitors were punters, as the photos below show!
















All the photos show various peoples attempts on the Stanage classic E6, Ulysees.

Top is Big Pickles establishing his high point, middle is Dave Graham deciding to come down, and bottom is Alex Honnold flashing the route! Unfortunately (luckily?!?!) a rain shower than put paid to Jason and Dave stepping up for another go. Phew! Before you all go wondering how some randon American dude could just step up and flash a classic scary route like Ulysees, be warned that Alex has considerable previous form, including a solo ascent of Moonlight Butress in Zion, USA. After 1200 foot E6 solos these short grit routes should be a breeze! Click on the photos for a bigger view.