Ladies Are Doing it For Themselves

8 Oct 2008 17:01

In The Climbing Works we have a pretty simple employment rule, potential employee's must be psyched to climb. The level doesn't really matter, it's more the attitude.

Saying that though, it's always nice when a member of your staff does something that is quite noticeable. It's even nicer still when 2 members of your staff do something hard...even if it's the same thing.

In the last week both Leah Crane and Mina Wudji-Wudji have made the 3rd & 4th female ascent of Ben's Roof (7c+/v10) at Raven Tor. Both succeeded on it after working it over a few weeks, showing amazing determination and grit (the problem involves a very painful kneebar rest that thrashes your skin) to get it in the bag. All in all a fantastic achievement that we are all super proud of here : )
Both Mina & Leah are members of the British Bouldering Team who are heading off to Paris next week to compete.

Other female ascentionists of Ben's Roof are Lucy Creamer & Siobhan Coughlan. Siobhan is also an ex-employee of the Works....must be something in the water here...or maybe it's the 10,00osq ft of bouldering.