Dave Graham

6 Oct 2008 15:15

On Sunday night we started off our Winter lecture series with the wad that is Dave Graham. For those who were here, they enjoyed a man who was on top form even though he was still jetlagged and had just driven 5 hours from London after a lecture and a Masterclass.

The 100+ crowd thoroughly engrossed in the talk

If you get a chance to hear him talk as he makes his way around the country don't miss out as it's an excellent lecture that will certainly get you motivated to push yourself harder.

Dave talked about the future of climbing with the young Adam Ondra being a fine example of where climbing could go.

Dave is in Sheffield for a couple of days and has been out on Stanage (in variable conditions) and is just about recovered from his jetlag. With the sun shining and a cold wind blowing he's off down to southern peak with Mr Bishton, Whittaker and Pickles for a tour today. Could be interesting...