New this week...

29 Sep 2008 18:06

Well, the black circuit is this weeks victim - its been taken down this morning and will be replaced tomorrow guessed it....another black circuit! So, by Wednesday there will be another 40 new problems graded Font 5 - 6a+ for you all throw yourselves at.
The comp wall reset from last week has provoked a lot of interest, as well as a couple of bruised egos! After Augusts set of problems with their 'holiday grades' (according to one of our customers!) normal service has been resumed with a set of problems that will test even the most burly of boulderers. In particular, the 7b+ finger-jamming crack is seeing a lot of action, but meeting with very, very little success! Having just returned from a day or two in Fontainebleau myself, I think the grades now given to the comp wall problems are a little more realistic. Perhaps I should try and get over to Font every month just to check my grading scale is still accurate......we can but dream!