Works in Progress

23 Sep 2008 16:03

The last few days has seen a lot of changes in the works, some subtle, some not.

One of the obvious changes is that the comp wall is currently undergoing a reset which should all be finished by Wednesday evening.

The new volume 3-D problem as set by Percy

Percy showing the beta for the new problem. Check out that foot jam! Font 6b supposedly....

Other changes that the ladies will certainly notice is that the Women's toilets have undergone a bit of a makeover. Our man Craig has been in and has obviously been inhaling too many spray paint fumes as his design is something 'out there'. All good though.

Our Man Craig

The work is now finished but this was it 'in progress'

Finally, the office has also had a bit of a makeover. Not that it affects you guys but it makes us Cheeses that little bit happier : )