Climbing Works Bristol

27 Aug 2008 10:26

As we have advertised on our website for the last 12 months, we have spent a lot of time and effort working on a second Climbing Works project down in Bristol. After such a huge amount of time, effort and expenditure we are gutted to announce that we have finally had to put a hold to this project, much to our frustration.
Whilst we have always remained extremely motivated to get a Climbing Works built in Bristol, it seems that no amount of enthusiasm on the part of our team is a match for the combination of Great British bureaucracy and property developers! Having been initially thwarted by Bristol city councils planning department, we eventually solved these problems only to have our landlord sell the property we were arranging to lease from under our feet. It seems that sometimes it doesn't matter how good an idea is or how much support you have, it is destined to not happen. Money talks, as they say!

Anyway, being a philosophical bunch we have decided that rather than continue to chase an impossible dream, we'll cut our losses and move on.
We would, however, like to give a massive thank you to both Ron and Gilly (our team in Bristol) who gave up jobs, huge chunks of time, suffered many sleepless nights and generally got super stressed for the sake of this project.
And we can only offer our condolencies to the huge number of south-west based climbers who have been waiting for a Climbing Works of their own - sorry everybody....we really tried!