The Tour de BIFF 2016 / 2017 Grand Finale

Beastmaker poster


BIFF's back!

The Beastmaker International Footless Festival (B.I.F.F) returns to The Climbing Works on Saturday 28th January 2017. This year it is the Final of Tour de B.I.F.F. where qualification rounds were held at The Castle in London & The Depot in Manchester.


The 3rd year of BIFF at The Climbing Works will be bigger, with fewer feet and even more stupid than the first two B.I.F.F.s in 2015 and 2016. We are planning a very special evening that will be great to compete in and a great evening to watch.



7pm Wall closes to public & BIFF sign in opens

7.30 - 9.30pm Open Comp

10pm Final

11pm-ish The end!



Being that this is the final of the Tour de BIFF, anyone wanting to compete in the final will need to qualify by either coming top 20 at last years BIFF (held at the Climbing Works in Jan 2016) or come top 10 at either of the 2 Tour de BIFF rounds held at the Castle in London or the Manchester Depot.  Currently the only remaining round is at the Manchester Depot on Friday 13th Jan - so if you haven't already been invited to the final after last years BIFF or Tour de BIFF London then you'll need to get down there and compete. Booking details to enter at the Manchester Depot can be found here.


You'll need to pay your normal entry fee for the wall (we'd recommend coming in a bit early to warm up really well) and donate £10 to CAC when you sign in for the comp at 7pm.


The footless blocs will be even harder this year to make for better watching, hence the need for qualification this year.  No-one likes entering what they they was going to be a fun comp only to find they can't get off the ground!


BIFF is a very silly comp without the use of feet, so competitors must be over 16.


Here's a taster of what to expect at Tour de BIFF Manchester:

Tour de BIFF London



This event is for you guys!  Due to limited space this is a ticketed event for spectators - all proceeds from this will go to CAC.  Spectator tickets are £3.50 and can be purchased online here.

There will be food and drinks available on the night and lots of strong people doing stupid and impressive stuff without any feet.  Heckling is encouraged and will be commentated upon by Martin & Percy again.


Some(?) spectators will be drinking beer and Percy could say almost anything while he's commentating (we haven't got his filter working yet...), so this event isn't suitable for children!


Check out the highlights from last year here:

The BIFF 2016