COVID Update and changes from 19th July 2021

15 Jul 2021

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful customers, for your continued patience and support over what have been an exceptionally difficult 16 months for so many people and businesses.


In light of the government announcement on Monday we have been thinking hard about the most reasonable way to operate from 19th July.  We have been fortunate that unlike many other businesses we have avoided closures outside of lockdowns due to high numbers isolation in our staff team or customers.  In an effort to support this moving forward we are taking a cautious view to reducing control measures in the weeks to come:


Face Coverings:

Face coverings will remain mandatory at all times in the centre from 19th July with the following exceptions:

While climbing / training in the matted climbing / gym areas (but please wear one if you can)

 - Coverings must be worn while at rest (i.e. between climbs) and at all times while supervising / coaching on the mats

You are exempt from wearing a face covering

 - E.g. Under 11s or medical reasons. Full list on here, along with further info about face coverings

While you do not have to wear face covering while actually climbing this is strongly encouraged, where you are able to do so, as it means you are not putting them on and off repeatedly, which best practice guidance suggests should be kept to a minimum and done with clean, sanitised hands to reduce the risk of infection.


Centre capacities:

With the removal of the very specific capacities from government guidance we will be cautiously increasing our centre capacities from 19th July:

The Climbing Works – 95 to 105 (sign out still required)

The Mini Works – 40 to 45 (slot bookings)

Unit E – 40 to 45 (Gym 6 to 7)


Social distancing:

The government guidance from 19th July means that there are no legal limits on indoor group size, but we still strongly encourage you to socially distance (2m where possible!) from people you don’t have frequent contact with anyway.

It is important that you continue to respect the space of anyone you have not mutually agreed that you are happy to be closer to or do not know.



Why do we still have to wear masks!?

Many of our staff and customers are relatively young or have underlying health conditions meaning they have either not yet been eligible for vaccination or are medically advised against it.  Leaving them at increased risk of catching COVID and developing more adverse symptoms compared to people fortunate enough to be double vaccinated.

There is also a risk to us as a business that if too many of our staff have to isolate, we would have to temporarily partially or fully close if we are unable to maintain safe staffing levels.

We need to continue to manage these risks and feel that maintaining our current rules on face coverings is the best way to do so, while encouraging all of our staff eligible to be vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, particularly in light of the changes to close contact isolation coming through on 16th August.


When will this change?

These rules will be reviewed on 2nd August, or in the event of significant new evidence, and amendments will be made as and when we decide it is sensible to do so based on evolving data such as case rates, hospital admissions and progress of the vaccination program both in the general population and amongst our staff team.

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works