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30 Nov 2020 Reopening Wednesday 2nd December

We're reopening at 10am on Wednesday 2nd December!

At this time Sheffield will be re-entering Tier 3 so the existing measures we had in place will continue to be in effect.
Tier 3 rules:
- Sanitise hands on entry and wash or sanitise your hands regularly mid session.
- Wear masks at all times in the centre unless you are exempt. They can be removed to eat, drink or while climbing, but we advise continual wear where possible while climbing to reduce hand to mask contact.
- Keep 1m+ from other centre users while wearing face coverings & don't mix with other household groups. Where possible keep at least 2m.
- Dress appropriately to climb - we'll be keeping windows open and extractors on to maximise ventilation so it will be colder than usual in the centre. We advise wearing layers so you can adjust your temperature for your activity level.
- Cafe - we are unable to serve food or drink for consumption on premises, so it is to be consumed as takeaway only
- Regular U18 coached group sessions will continue to take place with our existing distancing and bubbling measures
- 1:1 / single household group sessions can also still take place in Tier 3
- External coached sessions can take place in the centre, but you must contact centre management in advance to confirm we are happy with your COVID safety measures. These are restricted to 1:1 or 1:2 group sizes from a single household unless by prior arrangement due to current centre capacity limits.
Pre-paid memberships (annual / 3 month / 1 month):
These are currently frozen and will be restarted on your first visit back to the centre from 2nd December onwards.
Annual memberships (monthly standing order):
These will be unfrozen on your first visit back.
Please follow the instructions sent to you by to restart your payments.
The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

2 Nov 2020 Wall Closure Due to Lockdown from 5th November

Wall closure due to COVID 19 (Coronavirus) from 22:00 on Wednesday 04/11/2020


Sadly we are having to announce a 2nd temporary wall closure due to a 2nd lockdown starting on Thursday.


As in the previous lockdown it is our social responsibility to close now and remain shut as long as advised to do so by the Government. We are optimistic that we will be able to reopen on the 2nd of December, but judging by the reliability of previous government announcements it may be later than this.  Please stay tuned to our website / social media for updates on when we might re-open.


Any members with a pre-paid membership or pre-paid entries – all pre-paid memberships will be paused from the closure date until your first visit after reopening.  Further details about memberships including those paid by standing order will be added to the website as soon as we can write it all down, along with some suggested ways you might be able to help support us in this difficult time for those able to do so.  We have been working on a replacement system for our recurring membership payments which we will roll out on re-opening.


As furlough works a little differently to at the start of the previous lockdown we'll be able to make some more of our shop stock available online and dispatch orders over lockdown (probably weekly dispatches on a Monday); this will be online in the next few days, so if you're in need of new shoes or a Beastmaker we'll be able to help with that!


In the meanwhile, please look after yourselves and anybody who needs help.  Be kind to one another, don’t panic buy useless stuff, be considerate, and we’ll see you all on the other side!


Graeme, Percy, Sam & the rest of the Climbing Works Team


FAQs & options to help support us

What happens with my pre-paid membership?
As previously stated we're freezing all pre-paid memberships until we are advised we can safely reopen.

I have a pre-paid membership; what can I do to help?
Thanks for your support!  Either you can let us know you don't want to pause, which will be helpful for our cash flow when we are able to reopen, or you could buy something from our online shop.

How do I pause my monthly membership payments?
We understand that this time is difficult for everyone.  If you are paying by standing order so you need to understand that YOU need to pause the payments with you bank; we can't do it for you!  Please drop us an email to to confirm that you are doing this and include your name and DoB so we can link it to your account.

How do I continue to pay my membership?
If you are in a sufficiently stable financial position to do so and would like to continue your standing order even though you can't climb then that would be greatly appreciated.  You have set up a standing order with you bank, so you don't need to do anything for it to continue.  It is, however, important that you understand that at this time we do not know when (and therefore if) we will be able to reopen.  Please drop us an email to to confirm that you are doing this and include your name and DoB so we can link it to your account.

I don't think I can afford / justify the full monthly amount while you are closed but I still want to support you; what can I do?
Thanks for your support!  If you want to keep up regular payments at a lower amount then you just need to adjust your standing order with the bank.  It is, however, important that you understand that at this time we do not know when (and therefore if) we will be able to reopen.  Please drop us an email to to confirm that you are doing this and include your name and DoB so we can link it to your account.

How else can I support the centre?
For anyone else who would like to support us in some way you can find options for pre-paid membership, entries and gift voucher here.  We'll be adding some of our commonly sold shop stock such as shoes & chalk online in the next few days which will get dispatched weekly on Mondays.  We'll also run an offer with 15% off online Benky Grip Wash orders, aimed at other walls who are getting on with maintenance while they are still closed to the public.

Can I hire pads to climb outside?
Unfortunately we won't be offering pad hire as we'll be furloughed which complicates collection and return.

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

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