Sheffield COVID-19 Alert Level: High

13 Oct 2020

Social Distancing Update from 14/10/20

As of 14/10/20 Sheffield’s COVID-19 Alert Level is classified as High (or Tier 2).

The new restrictions change the existing the Rule of 6 which applies to Medium COVID Alert Level areas and state: “you must not socialise with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place”.  The intention is to reduce the rate of community transmission so that Sheffield can move back down from High Alert Level, at which point things get slightly less disruptive for everyone, so to help contribute to this:

Please do not climb with people outside of your household or support bubble while at The Climbing Works.

If supervising Novices (inexperienced over 14s, or any under 14s) you must be from the same household or support bubble.

We’d very much like to continue to stay open so that you can keep climbing here, as having to close again at this point in time without a substantial and unlikely government bailout would be catastrophic and we’d sorely miss seeing people enjoying their time climbing here.  For us to stay open we need your help; once you have signed in to the centre, we’ll need you, our centre users, to take personal responsibility for who you are climbing with and ensure that you are adhering to government rules and maintain good social distancing practices from those outside your household or support bubble.

Government Exemptions:

  • Organised youth, disability or elite sport, and people who are working (e.g. coaches)
    • This means our regular internal U18 sessions and sessions for individuals or family groups can continue
    • This also applies to external coaches, but you must supply a risk assessment in advance

This based on government guidance about from here



Face Coverings Update from 13/10/20

Face coverings must now be worn while you are on the mats in between climbs / training sets, this is for the safety of all of our customers and is in line with emerging industry practices, and further necessitated by Sheffield heightened alert level.

At this time face coverings are mandatory at all times in the centre with the following exceptions:

  • While climbing / training in the matted climbing / gym areas (but please wear one if you can)
    • Coverings must be worn while at rest (i.e. between climbs) and at all times while supervising / coaching on the mats
  • Eating or drinking
    • You must be sat at a table or bench to do so.
  • You are exempt from wearing a face covering
    • E.g. Under 11s or medical reasons. Full list on here, along with further info about face coverings.

While you do not have to wear face coverings while actually climbing this is strongly advised as it means you are not putting them on and off repeatedly, which best practice guidance suggests should be kept to a minimum and done with clean, sanitised hands to reduce the risk of contamination.

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works