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28 Sep 2020 COVID Updates 28/09/2020

Following clarification of the new UK Government guidance from the ABC & UK Active there are some new changes to our COVID policies and conditions of use.


Face Coverings

Must be worn at all times in the centre unless:

  • Climbing in the matted climbing areas
    • If you are just supervising novices you should wear a covering
  • Training in the matted training areas
  • Eating or drinking (you must be sat at a table or bench to do so)
  • You are exempt from wearing a face covering
    • List on here


Rule of 6

You must follow the government's rule of 6 while using the centre.  Do not arrange to climb in large groups, or 'merge groups' when you are climbing socially.

The rule of 6 does not apply to instructed groups under the age of 18, but does apply to instructed sessions for over 18's. In either case coaches / instructors do not count towards the numbers as they are working.


Cafe  - eating and drinking

Due to new government guidance food and drink must now be consumed while sat down (otherwise you need to be wearing a mask).  After purchasing food or drinks please move away from the reception area to sit down and eat or drink.  We now have a reduced number of tables available for this.  Please wipe them down when you are finished, dispose of any litter and return mugs to reception for cleaning.


Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

2 Sep 2020 2 Sep 2020 Young Climbers Festival 2020 Results


Young Climbers Festival 2020 Results are out!!!

Well done to everyone who entered our 2020 competition. We hope that it brought a little normality to your summer! 


Please see results below.


Medals and prizes will be sorted out in the next week or so, please keep an eye out on social media for further updates.



Female 5-6

Male 5-6

Female 7-8

Male 7-8

Female 9-11


Male 9-11

Female 12-14


Male 12-14


If you have any photos from the competition please email them to



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