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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful customers, for your continued patience and support over what have been an exceptionally difficult time.


From September 2nd we have revised COVID restrictions. 


Face Coverings:

We encourage and support customers to wear masks around the centre but it is not compulsory anymore to wear them.

The reception team will not obliged to wear a mask anymore but the screen will still be in place around the reception area.

Coaches will still have to wear masks on coached sessions as well as groups with participants aged 9 and above


Centre capacities:

With the removal of the very specific capacities from government guidance we will be cautiously increasing our centre capacities by 10%

The Climbing Works – 105 to 116 (sign out still required)

The Mini Works – 45 to 50 (slot bookings)

Unit E – 45 to 50


Social distancing:

The government guidance from 19th July means that there are no legal limits on indoor group size, but we still strongly encourage you to socially distance (2m where possible!) from people you don’t have frequent contact with anyway.

It is important that you continue to respect the space of anyone you have not mutually agreed that you are happy to be closer to or do not know.



We will continue to manage these risks and monitor them closely. In the event of significant new evidence and government announcements we will revise these new policies and not hesitate to put restrictions back in place.


The Climbing Works Team


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22 Jul 2020 Reopening 25th July - Info

We’re re-opening on Saturday 25th July!

Please read below for some changes to our standard conditions of use following guidance and procedures from the ABC (Association of British Climbing Walls) in conjunction with UKActive, based on the government guidance on reopening the leisure sector.  All aspects of this are subject to change.  Certain services/options are currently suspended – we’re working on getting these back up and running as soon as possible; apologies if this impacts you but it’ll be due to complexity of these options not meshing well with our existing systems, or us simply having insufficient time to introduce appropriate controls required by our risk assessments which are required to reduce the risk to our staff and customers.

Please read it so you know what to expect and we look forward to seeing you back soon!


COVID symptoms

If you or anyone you have close contact with have any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not come climbing!  Follow government advice on isolation and social distance until government guidelines say you are safe to resume normal activity.


Suspended services

We have a number of temporarily suspended services; we will start these again as soon as we feel it is appropriate and we have the capacity to do so:

  • Coached sessions
    • (including adult inductions and regular group sessions)
  • Mini Works Supervisory Inductions
  • ‘Family ticket’ entry prices
  • No under 5s
  • External coaching
  • New registrations
    • (including Adult / Under 18 Novice ‘guests’)
  • Supervision of Novices where you are unable to do so adhering to social distancing
  • Brush sticks
  • Borrowing chalk bags
  • Pad hire
  • Therapy room bookings
  • Changing rooms
  • Unit E Gym
  • GB Team free entry
  • Cash at the Mini Works
    • (currently card only with online pre-booking & 50p contactless minimum)


Capacity management

  • Currently only registered unsupervised climbers and registered supervised U18s with an accompanying registered adult are allowed to sign in to the centre, no spectators are allowed
  • Each building has a limited capacity per building
  • Climbing Works – Max 95 climbers
    • Standard entry up to capacity on a first come first served basis (capacity listed on front page of our website so you can check before travelling – try to come off-peak if you can)
    • Please give your name to reception staff as you leave so we can check you out
  • Unit E – Max 40 climbing & 4 in gym
    • Peak time (midweek from 5pm and weekends) only
    • Sign in at main reception as normal, then inform staff when you want to go to unit E so we can update our headcounts for each area
      • If you want to climb in the main centre after this you’ll need to queue (if required) at reception again so we can update the main centre capacity (it might be best to finish your session over there!)
    • Return to main reception to sign out as you leave
    • Gym currently closed
  • Mini Works – Max 40 customers (includes supervising adults)
    • 1 hour 45 minute time slots, pre booked online only (barring technical issues bookings will go live by 5:00 on 23/07/2020). Supervising adults must book in too & Novices must be supervised by the adult named on the booking as per the standard conditions of use
    • Sign out at end of session
    • Over 5s only (temporarily!)
    • No family ticket option
    • Card payments only
    • Temporary pricing changes 5-17 year old novice Weekend £6.50, Midweek £5.50, U18 shoe hire £1
  • Shop – 1 customer at a time
    • Ask staff if you want to enter the shop and you must wear a face covering (if able to do so) and sanitise your hands first
  • Recommended session time: 2 hours
    • Due to our limited capacity please try to keep your session time to a minimum, including leaving promptly when you’ve finished; with our currently much reduced capacity longer sessions will impact others’ ability to climb. Remember to inform staff as you leave so we can open up more capacity for other customers
    • If having a drink towards the end of your session please get a take away to help us manage capacity
    • A session is a single entry – you cannot sign out and then come back in later


Social Distancing

  • You must maintain a 2m distance from other centre users outside your own household (or household bubble where applicable) at all times
    • If you are concerned that another centre user keeps entering your space please inform a member of staff so they can have a polite word to reiterate social distancing etiquette
    • If an area of the wall is busy, please head to quieter area & come back to it when there is more space
  • Adhere to signage around the centres, including distance markers at queuing areas and room capacity notices
  • Receptions have safety screen to protect our staff – please don’t try to circumvent them
  • Café seating is extremely limited in both centres


Hygiene measures

  • Hand hygiene – sanitise or wash your hands:
    • On arrival and leaving the centre
    • Before & after eating or drinking
    • Periodically though-out your session
    • Liquid chalk *might* help, but isn’t a substitute for hand sanitiser or soap
  • Face coverings:
    • Preferred (if you are able to do so) at reception & when ordering café items
    • Are mandatory (where customers are able to wear them) in our shop
    • Are welcomed while climbing, particularly at peak times
  • Please try to use contactless card payments
  • Arrive in your climbing clothes and store your belongings in a locker / cubby hole
  • Bring your own water bottle (the water fountain will be out of use)
  • Clean signed training equipment before and after use with provided alcohol wipes
  • Shop stock and hire items that are returned or tried on will be quarantined for 48 hours or sanitised as appropriate
  • Dispose of all waste in the provided bins yourself & return used cups to the collection points at reception
  • We have conducted a thorough clean of all 3 centres prior to reopening
  • We have scheduled regular cleaning of high contact areas throughout the day
  • We have also brought our out of hours cleaning in house to give us a greater degree of control and care over this
  • Our centres are well ventilated with numerous windows, and a large extraction system in the main (busiest) centre. Please do not close them!


Track and trace

  • As a leisure business we may be required to share occupant details with the government’s track and trace network in the event of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our premises
  • This is a legal requirement for us as a business and as such does not require your consent under GDPR (our privacy policy which registering customers agree to includes sharing of data where we are legally required to do so)
  • If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your data being shared with track and trace then please do not visit the centre at this time
The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

15 Jul 2020 Reopening 25th July

We're pleased to announce that we'll be reopening on Saturday 25th of July!

Hopefully you've all managed to stay safe and well while we've been in lockdown and sorry that we've been quiet over lock down. Unfortunately as we've been furloughed to safeguard the future of the centre it left us able to do very little without abusing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Further details of what we're doing to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible on reopening will follow in the coming days, but following the government & ABC (Associated of British Climbing Walls) guidance for leisure facilities it will involve increased hygiene measures, physical distancing measures like screens at our receptions and strict capacity management for different areas most likely:

  • Entry up to a capacity of 135 in the main Climbing Works including Unit E - we'll have an online widget looking something like this:


  • Bookable timed slots (capacity of 40, including supervisors and any coached groups) at the Mini Works

Our top priority is to reopen our core business, the main Climbing Works, in a safe and welcoming way on Saturday 25th July.  We are also aiming to reopen the Mini Works at the same time if possible, but it may be shortly afterwards due to the added complexities of aligning the required covid-secure capacity management across our 3 separate areas with the new customer entry and management system we introduced in May 2019.  Other parts of the business including our coached sessions will restart soon after this again following the appropriate guidance, for example more experienced coached groups will return before one-off novice sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,

The Climbing Works Team

The Climbing Works

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