Changes to Guest Supervision Ratios from 01/10/2018

10 Sep 2018

1 to 1 U5



Guest Supervision Changes for under 5s

Starting 1st Oct 2018


Where guests include under 5s

Maximum 1 guest per adult member at weekends & school holidays

    (School holidays – the standard advertised dates for both Sheffield & Derbyshire schools & Bank Holidays, displayed at reception and on our website)

 Maximum 2 guests per adult member midweek during term time


Where guests are over 5

Maximum of 2 guests per adult member at all times (unchanged)



Weekends and holidays

You are permitted to supervise a single 4 year old (but no other guests at the same time).

You are permitted to supervise a 5 year old and a 9 year old at the same time.

You wouldn't be permitted to supervise a 4 year old and 9 year old at the same time.


Midweek in term time

You would be allowed to supervise a 4 year old and a 9 year old at the same time.


Non-Climbing U18 Guests – Clarification

The Climbing Works still considers non-climbing U18s (such as a ‘babe in arms’ or an older child reading a book etc) to be guests requiring supervision as you are still responsible for their safety and behaviour while they are on our premises.

If you are wanting to supervise a 2nd climbing guest at the same time as having a non-climbing guest then you would need a second adult to stay with them at all times and ensure that they do not enter the matted climbing area.

In the event that you needed to tend to a non-climbing minor under supervision of another adult (such as feeding or changing a baby) then you would need to bring your climbing guests with you off the mats.



The Mini Works was originally intended to expand the climbing available to provide a space away from the busy main centre where we’d be able to expand on our regular children’s coaching sessions, where we could set circuits of problems specifically for U18s and well offer more bouldering for beginner to intermediate adult climbers.


Since opening in 2013 our regular coached sessions have expanded massively as well as the number of customers supervising children outside of our regular sessions.  The majority of the time this works well, but at busier times, particularly wet weekends, we’ve noticed conflicting centre usage with an increase in supervision of pre-school children who are less able to understand instructions and are consequently more difficult to manage in a climbing environment.


While the centre is quieter (i.e. midweek during term time) we feel it is reasonable that a supervising member should be able to effectively supervise 2 guests including under 5s. These midweek sessions coincide with our existing parent toddler sessions on Monday, Wednesday & Friday & Rock Tots which runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  These parent toddler sessions are a great opportunity for parents to come in and supervise preschool children alongside other members with children a similar age or climb themselves while taking it in turns to supervise kids with other climbing parents.


At busier times, particularly wet weekends and school holidays, we have concluded that a supervising adult would only reasonably be able to supervise a single preschool child closely enough to ensure that they don’t enter the landing zone of other centre users, which as you should already be aware would increase the risk of injury to a falling climber as well as the supervised guest.


The intention of these changes is not to restrict your use of our facilities or reduce your enjoyment, but to improve the safety and enjoyment of both your guests & other centre users.


Kind regards,

The Climbing Works Team

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works