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15 Dec 2016 15 Dec 2016 ABK Winter Bouldering League R1 Results

Thanks to all who took part in Round 1 of our ABK Winter Bouldering League over the weekend! Results follow below:




Round 1 Prize Winners

1st place wins an ABK Tee/Vest, 2nd place wins an ABK chalk bag & 3rd place wins a Climbing Works Tee/Vest

   Male 1st: Tom Green

   Male 2nd: David Skoczylas

   Male 3rd: Dave Musgrove

   Female 1st: Dianne Merrick

   Female 2nd: Rebecca Inch

   Female 3rd: Becky Lounds

   U18 Male 1st: Brennan Sykes

   U18 Male 2nd: Alasdair Wilkinson


Round 1 Prize Draw Winners

All win an ABK tee/vest.

   Jefferson Sheard

   Joe Mealor

   Grace Dooley



All winners can select the appropriate prize from our shop and speak to reception staff at the front desk to claim it!

The problems on the Berghaus Competition Wall will stay up over Christmas with round 2 running 12th to 15th of January.

The Climbing Works

1 Dec 2016 The Mini Works Winter Bouldering Ladder R2

The second round of the Mini Works Winter Bouldering Ladder will be set on Friday 2nd December. This is a fun competition set over 4 rounds suitable for 5 - 14 year olds.

Results from the first round can be found here

 Score cards for the second round can be printed off or pick one up from the Mini Works for £1. The second round will be the PINK climbs.

Points are given on the number of attempts it takes for you to complete the boulder. You can have as many attempts on each boulder as you like over the course of the month. The point system is explained on the score cards.

The rules, this is a self marked competition so no cheating!!

1) An attempt starts as soon as your feet leave the floor

2) One hand must start on the numbered hold - finish by matching the top hold

3) Only use the black coloured holds used on the circuit. Aretes, volumes and wall features are allowed.

4) Hand your scorecard to reception when you have finished

Score will be split into male and female 5- 6 yrs / 7 – 8 yrs / 9 – 11 yrs / 12 – 14 yrs. Results from each round will be posted on the website and in the Mini Works. The overall winners will be announced after all 4 rounds.

This is a fun competition set for children aged 5 – 14 years and not suitable for those taking part in the winter bouldering series in the Main Centre.


Round 2 - 2nd Dec - 3rd Jan

Round 3 - 6th Jan - 31st Jan

Round 4 - 3rd Feb - 28th Mar

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