The CWIF Qualifiers: Results

7 Mar 2015

What a fantastic day! The sun shone, people crushed. If you want to relive the day there is a ton of photos and videos on our Instagram account which are well worth checking out. There is also some great competitor photos and a Q&A with both Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos on our Twitter feed.

We will be hosting a twitter Q&A with Jorg Verhoeven tomorrow so get your questions in on our Twitter feed (#CWIFJorg) or facebook page.


The results from todays qualifiers are below:

Mens Results>>

Womens Results>>

Team Results>>


Those in the Semi-Final are highlighted in Yellow. Isolation opens at 10am and closes at 11am. Semi-Finals will begin at Noon and will be webcast at


Why did so many people get 0? Had mates handing in high scorecards eg. 200+ points and getting nothing??


Because some of them didn't get their scorecards back ?


Well done on the comp. but can you give an explanation as to why so many people who climbed well and handed in score-cards (way up in the 200's) were posted as having scored "zero" points? A lot of people go to a huge amount of effort and expense to take part in CWIF and it seems unfair for their results not to be recognised- even worse for it to be suggested that they scored nothing. Perhaps you could put out a statement and if possible find their score cards and rectify the results. Thanks.


We work very very hard to turn around scorecards so we can get the Semi-Finals startlist out asap on the Sat evening. We have a team of people checking scorecards and entering data behind the scenes. Unfortunately this sometimes means that scorecards are missed / not entered correctly. If you believe your score is not correct then please email us at and we will hunt down your scorecard. Some people also get 0 because they didn't hand in their scorecards. Thanks for bearing with us as managing 350 competitors and getting the centre ready for Semi-Finals is not as easy as it souncs : )

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