Wall Closures around CWIF

4 Mar 2015

Wall Closures around CWIF

With the CWIF this weekend there will be a number of full and partial closures of the main Climbing Works in the buildup to the event and over he weekend itself.


The Mini Works will be open as usual all weekend:

- Normal opening hours; 9.30am to 6pm

- On Sunday 8th there will be reduced price entry of £5 for adults and concessions


The Climbing Works will have closures as follows:

Wednesday 4th

- No climbing on the Comp Wall

- Wasp and white circuits are down


Thursday 5th

- No climbing on the Comp Wall

- Red, wasp and white circuits are down


Friday 6th

- No climbing on the Comp Wall

- Red, wasp and white circuits are down

- Setting in the central area of the wall - climbing is still allowed but please do not climb the Wasp problems as these are for CWIF


Saturday 7th

- Full closure of the walls to the public, only competitors are allowed to climb

- Spectators are allowed, but please stay off the mats


Sunday 8th

- Reduced opening hours for climbing - 10am to 5pm

- Reduced entry price of £5 to adults and concessions

- Red and white circuits are down, wasp CWIF qualification circuit will be up

- Full closure of Comp Wall, Motherboard, Adidas wall, skips, and circuit board

- Partial closure of main slab, steep room and wall opposite campus boards


The Climbing Works

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