Winter Bouldering Ladder - Final Results

6 Aug 2014

The long awaited final results from the Winter Bouldering Ladder are now here. The final scores were taken from the top 3 out of 4 results from each competitor. The top 3 positions in each category are as follows: If your name is mentioned below you have won a prize from our lucky dip which is at The Mini reception

Female 6 - 8 years

1st Edie Carr

2nd Eleanor Robinson

3rd Fae MacDougall

Female 9 - 11 years

1st Emily Hall

2nd Katherine MacDougall

3rd Neena Sinha

Female 12 - 14 years

1st Erin Moore

2nd Izzie Hough

3rd Asha Kiggins

Male 6 - 8 years

1st Jack MacDougall

2nd Dan Howarth

3rd Henry McDonald

Male 9 - 11 years

1st Lucien James

2nd Sam Doyle

3rd Conall Sinha

Male 12 - 14 years

1st Toby Chan

2nd Joe Czubkowski

3rd Thomas Doyle


Full results can be found here

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Our Summer Holiday Ladder is well underway with the Blue circuit offering 20 progressive problems for 5 - 13 year olds. Scorecards can be printed from here or brought from reception for £1. The circuit is only up for another week before the 2nd and final circuit is set.


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