Kids Summer Holidays Bouldering League

21 Jul 2014

After the fantastic success of the Kids Winter Bouldering League, with over 200 kids taking part, we are running a 2 round only Summer Holiday Bouldering league!

The Mini Works is now home to 20 new Blue problems, set for the first round of the Mini-Works Kids Summer Holidays Bouldering Ladder, which starts today - Monday 21st July. 

This circuit will stay up for 3 weeks before the next round begins, giving our Juniors plenty of chance to complete as many problems as possible within that time.

The problems have been set across a wide range difficulty circuit, with climbs to suit all abilities aged between 6 - 14 years. We have coloured the score card to help indicate which problems are more suitable for

Ideal for 6+ years (GREEN)

Getting trickier for  9+ years (ORANGE)

Difficult for 12+ years (RED)

All entrants can have a go at any and all the problems they want.


Score cards will cost £1 from the Mini Works reception but are free for all our kids club regulars and those who print their own off here


This is a self marked 'fun' competition so please be honest with your scoring! Points are awarded on the number of attempts it takes to complete a climb and explained fully on your card.

Once you have completed as many climbs as you feel you can, please hand your scorecard back into the reception. 

Winners will be the climbers who manage to complete as many climbs as possible across the 2 rounds. 



1) An attempt starts as soon as your feet leave the floor

2) One hand must start on the numbered hold - finish by matching the top hold

3) Only use Blue coloured holds; aretes, volumes and wall features are allowed too


Please note: These problems are set for children aged between 6 - 14 yrs but if you want to take part, please print off a scorecard and have a go!! (we won't add your score into the results though)