The CWIF: Qualifying results

15 Mar 2014

The CWIF qualifiers are now done and what a day it has been. An early start for the first 170+ competitors who began to register at 8am and started their AM session at 9am. Nerves dissipated as the climbers began attempting the 30 bloc Black circuit set by the routesetting team of Percy Bishton, Jamie Cassidy, Bobby Deutsch, Rob Napier, Andy Long & Jason Pickles. A lot of 'tech' and footwork was the order of the day with some very dirty small pockets thrown in for good measure.

For the first time ever we had a maximum 300 points meaning a flash of every problem! That is seriously impressive. No mistakes at all, no foot slips, pops, errors...nada. What is even more impressive is that it was done by 2 people! Alex Megos and Stewart Watson showing what is possible.

The Afternoon session with the other 170+ competitors began at 2pm with a strong field knowing that a high score was necessary in both the Men's & Women's to get through to the Semi's. There was no repeat of the mornings 30 flashes but a very good showing helped split the morning field and meant that to get into the Mens a heady score of 266  was needed. In the Women's the magic score was 138. Both categories were very very close.

The results took a while to get up as we had to check every one of the 340+ scorecards....

Results from the Male qualifiers in pdf format here>>

Results from the Female qualifiers in pdf format here>>


The starting line-up for the semi-finalists will be the reverse of the Top 20 in each of the files above.


Isolation will open at 10am for those in the Semi and close at 11am so if you are in the Semi, please be in isolation at The Climbing Works before 11am.

The Finals begin at 6pm and you can watch both the Semi's & Finals on the IFSC YouTube page here>>

If you can't be here or watch the webcast you can keep up to date on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

On Sunday we will have our famous FREE BBQ beginning around 2.30/3pm.

The Works is open from 10am to 5pm on Sunday with a flat concession price of £5 operating at both the main Works and the Mini-Works as there will be a number of walls out of action. You can try a lot of todays qualifiers if you want....


You can see a whole range of pictures from today on our Instagram account>>


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